Packaging Services


Our shrink-wrapping teams are experienced and produce high quality packages that can be turn-key: we can assemble, wrap, label, collate, and pack. 

Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging is a process whereby a product is covered by a closely fitting transparent film on one side and paperboard on the other.

Blister Packaging

A great way to retail your product, we can get your product ready for the store with an attractive card and blister package!

RF Sealing

We offer turn-key packaging solutions in Radio Frequency Sealing: from designing your product's sealed shell to packing your product into retail displays. 

Repackaging & Rework

We can redesign your display for store specifications, relabel mislabeled items, or update product contents. Call us for a quote! 


 If you are in the software business or craft business, you will have most of your products packaged in this fashion. Call us today for a quote on your "kitting" needs.  


 Our operations include services to count, collate, and stuff your products and marketing materials. Our extensive list of clients that we support with these services include the premier printing companies in the Upstate. 


We have the flexibility to label bottles and jars of all sizes. We can label your bottles and jars with the materials you provide or our packaging design experts can work with you to develop a turn-key project.  


Our employees are quality control oriented and have a keen eye for finding imperfections quickly. Whether it is to change out a card with a new printed card or looking for imperfections in a sewn item, we can handle it effectively and efficiently.