Manufacturing Services

Liquid Filling

Ultra-Pak has a combination of in-line fillers that are designed to fill a variety of container materials, shapes and sizes all filled to an identical “cosmetic” fill height. We have 6, 8, 10, and 12-head machines as well as two innovative hand filling stations set up for high clean-up projects. Our machines have unscramblers, cappers, labelers, and case erectors which vary in speed and set up time, while others rely on full hand labor.  

Powder Filling

Our powder filling operations produce large volumes of single service bags with dishwashing and laundry detergents. We use state-of-the-art equipment. We have partnered with local manufacturers in the Southeast to develop attractive packages, using high quality powders, made right here in the USA.     

Dry Goods Filling

Specializing in the filling of spices, we also have experience in filling candies, sprinkles, cereals, vitamins, and grains. Our product design experts can work with you to develop a package to your specifications, or we can private label our existing designs. Our complete line of spice shakers includes a 6-compartment multi spice jar and our BBQ and Gourmet shakers contain 4 custom seasoning blends each. The multi-spice shakers are available in an attractive rack, are printed in house, and are available for private label.

Package Design

Ultra-Pak has the equipment and the knowledge to aid you in the design of your package. Whether it is creating artwork for a label or the design of a box or clamshell, we can assist you in creating a cost effective and attractive package for your product. Ultra-Pak works in conjunction with many packaging specific sources to supply you with the best price and superior knowledge to bring your item from vision to reality. Over the years, we have forged great relationships with companies in the printing, corrugated, art design, plastic molding, and thermo-forming industries - just to name a few. Through these relationships we have formed a network that together can create any type of packaging that may be needed for a project.  


Ultra-Pak has many years of experience in warehousing and distribution. We currently handle all fulfillment tasks for several large commercial clients to many of the top tier retailers in the country. We can handle all of your operations tasks from manufacturing to assembly, packing and distribution. For our local clients, we offer pick-up and delivery services. Even if you only need your products warehoused, we can be of service. We can economically store your products in our warehouses. Our facilities have state of the art security and fire safety systems. 

Point of Purchase Displays

We have been building, packing, and shipping floor displays and counter displays since 1979! We partner with companies in the printing and corrugated industry to design and make top quality corrugation for floor and counter displays. Our packing operations are fast, efficient, and quality minded. We have been preparing floor displays and counter displays for large mass merchandisers for over thirty years! We fold, staple, and pack your displays exactly to your customer's requests. Our logistics team is experienced in shipping large quantities of displays to mass merchandiser distribution centers or directly to stores.