Ultra-Pak Inc.

Repackaging & Rework

When your customer requires your product to be packaged differently from your standard packaging, we can do this for you efficiently and economically. We can re-pack your existing case packs, floor displays, or counter displays depending on your customer requirements.

We offer labeling services, removing existing stickers and applying new stickers. If your package needs to have a barcode changed and the barcode is under the shrinkwrap, we can remove the wrap, replace the barcode and re-shrinkwrap the product. We can re-create a professional re-packaged product for you. 

If your product needs an update, our assembly operations can change your product's contents, taking out items and adding items. Whatever it may be, the solution is near. Just contact us for a quote and we will be glad to assist you.


"Does your product need a complete make-over or just a slight change of look?


Taping Cardboard

Assembling Nozzles

Refurbished Garage Equipment

Re-stickering Retail Packages

Repacking Displays

Reworking Hoses