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Radio Frequency Sealing

Our radio frequency sealing production will produce professional retail packages for you, giving the added benefit of allowing two-sided product visibility. With this technology we can seal and secure your product in hard plastic cases that provide an extra level of security against theft. The plastic casing is a hinged, bi-folded or tri-folded thermoformed blister.

We can package simple sealed plastic cases to secure your product or we can make an elaborate clamshell type package that is retail shelf ready! The state-of-the-art equipment we use to produce and package your product is very versatile. Whether you are looking for a single product package or a multiple product package, this equipment can handle it all.


R.F. Sealing Equipment


We offer turn-key packaging solutions: from designing your product's sealed shell to packing your product into retail displays. We offer this across the board with all of our assembly services as an added value for our customers.

Team Sealing and Packaging


Radio Frequency Sealing

At Ultra-Pak, we have several solutions to professionally seal your product's package. We can also assemble and sticker your product, preparing it for retail distribution.