Ultra-Pak Inc.

Liquid Filling

Depending on the quantity of your packaging project, we can accommodate your liquid filling needs at all levels.


12-Head Automatic Filling Line


Team Filling Bottles

Bottles Ready to be Filled

Ultra-Pak has a combination of in-line fillers. They are designed to fill a variety of container materials, shapes and sizes. All containers are filled to an identical “cosmetic” fill height. Free flowing liquids up to medium viscosities, including thin foamers, are easily run on this type of machinery. We have 12-head, 10-head, 8-head, and 6-head machines. In addition we have two innovative hand filling stations set up for high clean-up projects. Each varies in speed from fast to slow and requires more to less set up time. Some of our machines have unscramblers, cappers, labelers, and case erectors - others rely on full hand labor. We currently have a liquid filling capacity of 20 million bottles annually.

Liquid Filling Equipment

Shoe Dye Filling