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Blister packaging is a type of packaging where a product is secured between a pre-formed, transparent plastic dome or bubble and a paperboard surface or carrier. Attachment is usually made by heat-sealing. The two components that need to be developed for this packaging are the blister card and the blister. 

Blister Packaging


A Blister Pack Example


The blister card is a printed paperboard backer carrying the product's sales message and instructions for use. Coated on one side with specially formulated heat-seal adhesive to allow for a secure bond to the board.

The blister itself is a thermoformed semi-rigid plastic shell, generally shaped to conform to the product to be packaged. As in skin packaging, this is a fantastic way to retail your product, giving you the added capability of "Hang Selling" in the stores.

Production Line of Blister Packaging Pressure Washing Nozzles


Prep Work Before Running Through the Blister Packaging Machine


Blister Machine Controls

Blister Machine in Action